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You don’t need to keep going AROUND and AROUND with selling you home!

You know what we mean.
  1. It’s priced too high
  2. It’s priced too low
  3. It doesn’t show well
  4. It looks too expensive
  5. It doesn’t show from the curb
  6. It need more of this
  7. It has too much of that
  8. I am not getting enough showings

What is the real problem? The real problem is that a real strategy has not been crafted and/or the strategy was not based on marketing science. When a property is positioned in the market place the market speaks about the property. It tells the seller how the market sees that property in relationship to other similar properties. The single most important thing is to anticipate market-speak before the property is listed.  After it is listed your response time to market-speak is critical! After all, you don’t want your property listed; you want a buyer to buy it.In order for a buyer to buy it, they must see your property first…. REALLY? Then, the problem is HOW do I make sure that the most-right buyers see my property? Well…. now that’s where it gets really complicated.

First, You need to accurately know with some precision how many REAL buyers for your property there are at the moment you list. Most agents will tell you they can only guess (estimate). They don’t know. That is because it is a science and a math problem not a guess or intuition. It requires real work and time; but we have the proprietary technology to accomplish it.

Selling your home is a Team Event….(sport?) It need not be one you are losing at.

Excellent Results are never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort and a
commitment to RESULTS. There must be the will to produce a superior thing.*

Second, Buyers determine the price of the property not your CMA (Current Market Analysis). A CMA is a good relevant tool; but you need more than a hammer to build a house. And you need more than a CMA to sell your house at the highest and best price in the shortest period of time. The greatest number of real interested buyers seeing the property in the shortest period of time establishes the highest price. PERIOD!

Third, The dirty little secret of real estate is that many buyers never see your property because the agent(s) either don’t like it, don’t know about it (i.e. miss it); they think it is overpriced;  they think it has been on the market too long or think it doesn’t show well. We have a technology that, to a significant degree, effectively over-rides that agent bias. It is not intentional by the agent, just the nature of strategies within the industry.

Fourth a) Selling your house is a Team Sport. There will be over 15 people involved or engaged in the process of your property selling-transferring-buying your home:

  1. Real Estate Listing-Selling 2 to 10
  2. Real Estate Buyer 2 to 5
  3. Title 3 to 5
  4. Escrow 3 to 5
  5. Mortgage 3 to 5


Total          13 to 30

This group will either be a team or a crowd. This choice is critical. It is not just a marketing project it is also a management project. We have an extremely dedicated team of experts, each responsible for performing their roles in well defined, discrete areas. For example, we have a member-team who is dedicated, just to the job of marketing to buyers; another member-team is responsible, just for overseeing the other parts of the property transfer process. Some of the people being managed by our team are not internally members of our team which is where most of the weak links are.

Fourth b), The chances are VERY great that if you list with someone other than us their marketing team will consist of 1 or 2 people. Some of those people may even include the very person you are actually listing with.  Many times, other agent’s version of marketing is creating really great photos, brochures and other materials. Excellent stuff does not cause excellent numbers of real buyers seeing your property. We call it the “Battle of the Stuff;” whoever has the best stuff wins. We think whoever has the most people visiting the property wins.

Fourth c), If you are VERY careful in the selection process you may find a group of agents as a team marketing you property. Most often the associate team members will be focused on working with buyers often called “buyers agents”. They are not focused on marketing your property. We have a proprietary marketing process that utilizes those same agents to focus on the actual marketing of your property, increasing your property’s exposure.

Fifth, And, probably the most important of the entire marketing chain is the capture and management of all those leads generated. The industry average for inbound lead capture is less than 2.13%. We capture at a rate in excess of 60%. All team members and everyone in the chain is trained and held meticulously accountable to insure that every single lead is optimally captured and managed. The embarrassingly mediocre capture of less than 2.13% comes from three weak points. 1. The agents don’t know how to capture; 2. They don’t believe the lead is valid; 3. And, they are not held accountable to a minimum performance requirement.

Excellent Results are never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort and a commitment to RESULTS. There must be the will to produce a superior thing.

We are The Team Elevated™ and we are committed to producing RESULTS

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